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German Downhill Championship - iXS Downhill Cup

At the BIKE Festival Willingen 2020, on the former World Cup track, the German Downhill Champions will compete for the title.  

The German Downhill Championships have been held since 1993, but it is the first in Willingen. The downhill race has been part of the festival program for years. Now, it’s not only part of the iXS Downhill Cup, but also the most important race of the national downhill scene.

Registration from March 17th 2020

Both, top riders and numerous hobby bikers show their skills on the rapid downhill course close to the festival area and compete for the coveted top ranks. 

High speed and spectacular jumps characterize the downhill race. Therefore, it is not only a spectacular experience for the riders, but also for all spectators and visitors.

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BIKE Festival
BIKE Festival
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