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Scott Enduro Series

The second stop of the Scott Enduro Series will be Willingen. Once again the German Enduro Championship will be run during the Enduro Series during the BIKE Festival in Willingen. All the details of the track will be announced during the accrediation on site, but until then it remains exciting as there are completely new sections on the track plan for 2020 that have never been ridden before. Training will already take place on Saturday, the big race on Sunday.

Enduro World Series qualification race

Those who want to qualify for the Enduro World Series can also collect valuable points for the qualification in Willingen. Points are awarded automatically after the race based on the results and in accordance with the Enduro World Series regulations. This requires a valid membership in the Enduro World Series. More information and points tables can be found here


Booking price:                                                      60 Euro

Price for registration on site:                              70 Euro

BIKE Festival
BIKE Festival
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