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Covid-19 Handling

For the BIKE Festival we are working on a detailed concept, which includes various measures for visitors, exhibitors and participants. The big advantage is that the BIKE Festival is an outdoor event. The risk of infection is much lower outdoors than in closed rooms. An initial overview of the planned operations can be found below. As Corona is an ongoing process, all measures will be constantly adapted to current developments and closely coordinated with the local authorities. The following measures are reflecting the current status (Status February 2021).

Covid-19 Protection measures for visitors

  • registration in advance via a digital portal (or in exceptional cases by onsite registration)
  • Identity card required for registration
  • consistent compliance with all hygiene regulations
  • In case of symptoms of illness, visitors of the BIKE Festival must stay at home. They are not allowed to enter the Festival area (selective checks at the entrances if necessary)
  • minimum distance of 1.5m between other visitors and exhibitors 
  • duty to wear masks on the entire event area 
  • frequent hand washing and disinfection at specially equipped stations
  • visitors, exhibitors and helping hands agree, that their contact details will be forwarded to the local health authority in case of an a Covid19 infection. They will evaluate the data and contact all people, who were at the same stand at the same time

Covid-19 Protection measures for exhibitors / sponsors 

  • if symptoms occur, exhibitors/sponsors as well as their staff must stay at home.
  • consistent compliance with all hygiene regulations and a minimum distance of 1.5m between other exhibitors and visitors
  • mandatory masks for stand personnel, who are in direct contact with visitors, unless the distance rules can be observed without a mask
  • disinfection of all test bikes after each ride (handlebars, cockpit, top tube and seat)
  • possibility of booking the test bikes in advance, so that crowds of people at the stands can be reduced

further measures

  • Division of the event/exhibition area into several zones
  • Sufficient disinfectant dispensers all over the area
  • Entrance control by security personnel and access controllers
  • Adaptation of the concept of all side events according to the latest regulations and standards (e.g. reduction of the number of people in the starting blocks, various starting times, mandatory masking in the start/finish area etc.). All measures are communicated on the website in time
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of all frequently used surfaces and all sanitary facilities
BIKE Festival
BIKE Festival
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