Craftshop Willingen

Craftshop Willingen - Tour Program

The Craftshop, with its guided tours has been a partner of the Continental BIKE Festival for almost 10 years. The various tours and riding technique seminars attract numerous visitors every year, some offers will be already fully booked in advance. The registration for the tours can be done via mail or on site at the booth.

“Cycling for a good cause!” According to that motto the proceeds are donated annually to the local cycling club, RadWerk Upland e.V., for the work with young people. 

Join us and go on tour with the local guides. 

The shop of “Craftshop Willingen” can be found on the way through the village in the direction of Korbach. You will find everything about biking there. "What we don't have, you don't need either!”  A top consultation and the qualified service distinguish the shop. 


Craftshop Willingen

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