Kids Cup

VPACE Kids Cup

The Kids Cup is a new race series for kids between five and ten years - the perfect format to experience first small competitions on two wheels.

After the start number distribution, the kids meet for a welcome, the "Riders Meeting" and a joint track walk. Then they train before it gets „serious“ and the start beep sounds. Two small competitions tailored to the age groups, all about technique and downhill, are on the programme.

The focus is on the experience - the kids are supposed to have fun, meet biking friends and make new friends and get used to competitions in a playful way. All participants win, the three fastest even gold, silver and bronze.

Registration for the three categories Mini Kids (2017-2018), Kids (2015-2016) and Maxi Kids (2013-2014) starts on March, 28th 2023 and costs 25 euros.

More information is available here.

Kids Cup
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