Benefits & prices

Rocky Mountain BIKE Marathon

Starter package

  • Present from Continental 
  • Handlebar and back number
  • Transponder
  • Cable ties
  • Trackplan / vertical profil
  • Coupon for the Pasta Party
  • Give aways from our partners

Other services

  • Accreditation at the event location
  • Signposting of the whole track
  • Mobile support personnel to warn motorists
  • Marshalls on motorcycles and bikes ahead of the field to check the signposting and ensure the safety of all participants
  • Race control vehicle with P.A. system
  • Professional timekeeping by way of transponders / Result Service
  • Check points to keep track on all participants
  • Race control vehicle at the end of the field / Sweepingcar
  • Emergency doctors on motorcycles (Rescue team)
  • Ambulance with doctors at the track
  • Catering points
  • Pasta Meal
  • Route presentation
  • Award ceremony


  • Price until January 31th, 2019:        55 Euros per Participant
  • Price until April 30th, 2019:              60 Euros per Participant
  • Price from May 1st, 2019:                65 Euros per Participant



BIKE Festival
BIKE Festival
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