In the following, we have summarized frequently asked questions about the BIKE Festival Willingen. We will keep expanding these questions and publish all relevant information and answers here.

Which address can I enter into my navigation system to find the festival area?

Zur Hoppecke 5
34508 Willingen (Upland)

Where is the start and where the finish area regarding the marathon?

The start and finish area will be in the street “Vor den Weiden”.

Where is a parking lot?

For the visitors of the festival, there are parking lots in the street “Am Köhlerhagen” (below the cable railway/towards the “Hoppecktal”), at the “Lagunen-Erlebnisbad” and at the “Ulmenhof”/ towards the summer toboggan run.

On which day is the marathon?

The marathon takes place on Saturday, May 27th 2023.

When are the start times for the marathon?

The starting blocks A & B start at 07:30 am. The starting blocks C & D start at 08:00 am. The category U17 (boys & girls) starts directly before the starting blocks C & D.

When and how can I register for the marathon?

The registration for the BIKE Marathon 2023 starts online in autumn 2022.

Furthermore, you can also still register on-site in Willingen.

What happens if I am already registered and then unable to participate?

Our cancellation policy is defined under § 4 in our general terms and conditions. Beyond that, there is also the possibility of a single substitution. The according terms and conditions can be found under § 2 (4) in our general terms and conditions.

Is there any “catering” before the start, along the marathon course and in the finish area?

Before the start, energetic drinks will be offered which can be filled into the sports bottles of the cyclists. Along the marathon course, there will be various “catering points”. Here, apart from energetic drinks, bars and gels, also fruits (bananas, apples, oranges, lemons), cakes and water will be offered. Of course, also in the finish area a “catering” is offered.

Can I freely choose the marathon course?

No, you have to choose your track before registration.

Where can I download my certificate?

Soon after the event you will be able to download your certificate. By choosing “Review” -> “Results” from the menu on our homepage you will find your certificate.

Is there the possibility to have a shower or change my clothes on the festival area?

Yes, there will be showers and changing facilities in the “Lagunen-Erlebnisbad”. It will be signposted on-site in Willingen.

From which age onwards can I participate in the marathon?

The categories are classified by age-groups. The age-groups 2002 & older can freely choose between the long, middle and short track. The age-groups 2003 & 2004 can only choose the short track. The age-groups 2005 - 2007 (addition to age-group 2007: minimum age: 14 years) can only choose the U17 track (37 km).

How do I register my child for the Junior Trophy?

The registration also occurs (as for the marathon) online. Attention: Please do not compile an individual user account for your child. Instead, a parent or legal guardian has to be registered. With the help of this user account, then the registration for the Junior Trophy will take place. Beyond that, the registration for the Junior Trophy will also still be possible on-site in Willingen.

From which age onwards (up to which age) can my child participate in the Junior Trophy?

Participation in the Junior Trophy is already possible for the age-group 2020 (& older). Simultaneously, participation is possible until and including the age-group 2009.

Is there a bike park?

Yes, there will be a bike park being free of charge - at the street “Zur Hoppecke” diagonally opposite the “Seilbar”. On-site in Willingen, this bike park will be signposted.

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