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Ghost Recon Ride

The Ghost Recon Ride is THE new event for all hobby bikers who want to have fun on the track! 


On roundabout 28 kilometres close to the festival area, 6 action stations are waiting for the participants. These will not be revealed in advance, only this much: There will be some hot shots in Willingen and you have to show some riding skills off the mountain bike! The track itself is not signposted, that’s the second challenge of the Ghost Recon Ride. The participants have to orientate themselves on a map. 11 points are marked, which have to be found to collect points for the ranking. Time does not matter! The beautiful trails can be enjoyed as relaxed as the fun at the action stations. All kinds of bicycles are allowed at the Recon Ride, so everyone can take part in this event! The start is in teams of two, they will be brought together after registration. We start at the lift with a shuttle, so that the participants are spared the first difficult ascent. At the end everyone can celebrate with a finisher beer and the "winner" gets prizes from Ghost.


FUN is definitely the main focus of this event!

Everyone who is over 18 years old can participate and every kind of bike will be allowed at the GHOST RECON RIDE. Wearing a helmet is an obligation, knee- and elbow protection only a recommendation. Since there is no fixed track the participants have to follow the rules of the STVO.


  • 6 action stations with a huge fun factor
  • No fixed route, orientation by map
  • 11 orientation points
  • No time-keeping
  • Starter package with great Goodies from our partners
  • Finisher Beer for everyone
  • Prizes for the winners from GHOST


There will be 8 landmarks signed on the map which shall be found by the participants. The transponder on the wrist will give an acoustic signal when the landmark is successfully found. The data will be saved on the transponder and will be read after crossing the finish line. For every found landmark the participants gets a point at the end.

Action stations

The exact challenges at the stations will not be revealed yet. The participants will find four action stations around the Willinger Upland with different kinds of challenges. The track is not given, so the participants can decide themselves, when to pass the stations. Every successful completed challenge will get the participant another point.


The participants will be classified in the categories Men and Women. At the end of the GHOST RECON RIDE everyone who finished the event in during the given time will be considered for the evaluation. The best three participants of each category will be awarded afterwards on the stage. If several participants have the same amount of points all of them will be awarded. There will be great prices from our partners.

Registration and starter package:

The starting fee is 25,- Euro and there will be a fee of 4,- Euro for late-registration on-site.

With the registration everyone gets a starter package which includes:

  • Lift ticket
  • GPS Transponder
  • Map
  • Rescue Team at the ready
  • Starter bag
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